About Us

We established NW Imperial Hardwoods in 2016 to provide reliable and dependable availability of the remarkably beautiful Pacific Northwest figured hardwoods and burl to wood craftsman and woodworkers alike throughout the great USA and abroad. 

Several varieties of the Pacific Northwest’s figured hardwoods and burl are only found throughout Northern California, Oregon, Washington State and western Canada. In various peoples’ opinion, many of these are considered true exotics and rival species found around the globe in terms of quality, figure and versatility. Our passion for the lush Pacific Northwest forests, and the character in the woods they produce, factors into every piece we offer.

With sustainability and best business practices at the forefront of our operations, our procurement efforts and production processes reflect our perspective. We take great pride doing our part to ensure subsequent generations will have these incredible species to work with and continue the lineage established long before we came of age.

We produce our specialty woods right here in Oregon using a proprietary process of pressure cooking, kiln or air drying, and curing with time. We also provide high quality impregnated (acrylic stabilized) woods, produced within a large-scale industrial facility. Additionally, we offer spalted woods; patiently allowing this natural process to develop in effort to ensure our desired result. NW Imperial Hardwoods’ manufacturing processes, and those from our established network of partners, allow us to offer our high quality products at the greatest possible value directly to you.

The NW Imperial Hardwoods team prides itself on knowing our identity within a little niche portion of an enormous industry that’s been around for centuries. As a “boutique” specialty producer, where integrity and the passion for what we do guide our course, we truly pride ourselves upon what sets us apart from all others.

The years of experience buying wood from time-trusted sources as well as our unique and responsible means of production, developed to offer the highest quality figured Northwest hardwoods and burl, where structutal integrity of the wood is only rivaled by integrity of company itself. We do NOT subscribe to the high volume approach where consistency and quality can be sacrificed in order to fill countless truckloads and sold at the lowest price possible. Unlike many suppliers within this niche market, our small/medium production volume, of few select species, allows us to focus on what matters most; our commitment to quality, intimately knowing the varieties of trees we produce and doing business the right way.

This ensures that each piece we offer—from the largest live edge slab down to the smallest pen blank—will meet or exceed your expectations.

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