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About Us

NW Imperial Hardwoods


We produce our specialty woods about 200 miles south of Portland, Oregon. We focus on accommodating the needs of our customers while recognizing the importance of sustainability throughout our industry. Doing our best to operate as efficiently as possible, we mill and dry our material to 6%-8% and maintain its MC% after leaving the kiln. We also provide high quality, professionally stabilized woods impregnated with acrylic resin. NW Imperial Hardwoods’ manufacturing processes, as well as those of our established network of partners, allow us to offer high-quality products at the greatest possible value.

Integrity and leading by example are important values that drive our family owned business. Our small to medium production volume allows us to focus on what matters most; our commitment to our customers, and sustainably producing the highest quality products possible. Environmental awareness and best business practices are at the forefront of our operations. Our procurement efforts and production processes thoroughly reflect this perspective. With an intimate knowledge of the species we produce, we take great pride in doing our part to ensure the next generations will have these awesome species to work with and continue the lineage established long before us.

This focus on sustainability and our efforts toward continuous process improvement is what we consider “doing business the right way”. These commitments ensure that each piece of wood we offer—from the largest live edge slab down to the smallest pen blank—will meet or exceed your expectations.

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Though our wood is kiln dried down to 6% – 8% moisture content, in Roseburg, Oregon our ambient air moisture content (MC) averages between 8% -16% throughout the year. This may allow for a marginal increase in the wood’s MC during certain times of the year, while shipping to your shop or home.

Depending on where you are located, the time of year, and which particular wood you purchase, your kiln dried stock may arrive with an MC higher than 8%. To mitigate any potential rise in MC picked up between our shop and yours, remove the wood from its packaging and keep it in your shop or home for a minimum of 5 days. This allows the wood to properly acclimate to your shop or home ambient air moisture content (MC).

Following these guidelines will ensure that the wood will properly acclimate to your environment and help maintain the integrity of these high-quality woods so they will best meet your project’s requirements.

For more information about wood species moisture and ambient air moisture content, see:



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