Imperial Redwood Burl Pen Blanks


Sequoia sempervirens

As an over-sized highly figured burl pen blank, we hand select the pieces chosen to be cut. These are NOT impregnated with acrylic resin. Available in different lengths.



Imperial Redwood Burl Pen Blanks are a standard on to themselves. As an oversized 1″ highly figured burl pen blank, we hand select the pieces chosen to be cut down to this size. Cut from salvaged “OG” (old growth) stumps our pen blanks are taken from the same wood we cut all our other blanks from. The burl itself was salvaged from an enormous stump, many of which are 12+ feet tall. These stumps remain in the coastal forests of northern CA and just north of the California/Oregon boarder. When in the presence of the trees, in these ancient forests, one can’t help but be in awe of their beauty. The stumps serve as a reminder of what is left from so many giants that were logged back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. As one of the most symbolically important trees to the Western United States, the California Coastal Redwood is admired and respected by millions. The Redwood’s unique characteristics, immense size and beauty, as well as its historical significance set these majestic trees apart from all others. NW Imperial redwood burl pen blanks are larger than most offered by other craft supply companies. We choose to cut ours this size because we absolutely love this species, and believe there are many uses for these beauties beyond a pen. As an excellent tone wood tone, durable and able to take a beating, we like to think our Imperial Redwood Burl Pen Blanks can be utilized in dozens of applications.

** Please note the square size may vary 1/8″ +/- **

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4 1/2", 5 1/2", 6"

Our Process

Our unique way of pressure cooking and kiln drying the wood allows for the least amount of volumetric shrinkage and maximum natural stability of each piece. This proprietary process was developed over 40+ years; many of which was through simple trial and error. Today, through our process using specific temperatures, psi and durations of time, we consistently produce some of the straightest, internally sound and beautiful burl and figured hardwood blanks on the market. Our large manufacturing customers truly depend on this consistency for their pool cue, guitar or knife blanks. Try one of our products and see how we compare to others.