Madrone Burl Pool Cue Blanks


Arbutus menziesii

The depth of figure and enhanced stability of our madrone make these blanks a pleasure to work with. Utilized in some of the nicest contemporary custom cues.



Madrone burl pool cue blanks, uniquely produced to achieve a desired strength and consistency. Through our unique drying process, the reduced shrinkage enhances their stability and make these blanks a pleasure to work with. The burl figure is amazing, ranging from burl eyes to flame figure with subtle highlights. The size of our pool cue blanks are 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ square. Excellent for butt stock or forearm applications.

Size can vary 1/8″ (+/-) in every dimension.

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4", 6", 12"

Our Process

Our unique way of pressure cooking and kiln drying the wood allows for the least amount of volumetric shrinkage and maximum natural stability of each piece. This proprietary process was developed over 40+ years; many of which was through simple trial and error. Today, through our process using specific temperatures, psi and durations of time, we consistently produce some of the straightest, internally sound and beautiful burl and figured hardwood blanks on the market. Our large manufacturing customers truly depend on this consistency for their pool cue, guitar or knife blanks. Try one of our products and see how we compare to others.